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Lex King Photography - Pittsburgh, PA


Lex King is a Pittsburgh based wedding and travel photographer looking to share more love with the world by capturing the real, intimate in-between moments that make you feel.

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Love a bit more. That's the motto for Lex King Photography, because life is too short not to capture the moments that define our relationships. Lex King, the owner of Lex King Photography, was looking to take the next step in growing her business and continuing to document the love stories and legacies of her clients.

Not only that, but as an "Adventurer" personality type, Lex wanted to shift her focus towards travel photography, elopements, and destination weddings. In order to begin attracting her ideal clients, we stepped in to help position her and help communicate the unique brand personality of Lex King, showcasing her ability to capture love in all of her couples.


As a photographer, we knew Lex works closely with her clients and really spends time building a relationship with each couple. People love working with her because she’s so easy and comfortable to be around, and takes the time to guide you through your shoot or big day. She’s invested in getting to know your love story and everything that makes your relationship special. We knew we needed to take this same approach with Lex as we began to flesh out the Lex King Photography brand.

Because this really is a personal brand, we spent a lot of time just hanging out at first. We had a lot of sessions where we talked about life, goals, the past, the future, and everything in between. We got to know the whole story of Lex - why she picked up a camera in the first place and why she continues to shoot couples in love. We dug deep into Lex’s life and learned so much about who she is and what she’s trying to do for the world.

Because of this, we were able to create a brand that felt like Lex, and was in line with the direction she wants her business to go. Creating a complete brand experience that embodied her true self was essential to building her confidence as a professional creative and aligning with her past, current and future couples.


After creating an identity system that reflected Lex’s personality and interests, we began to design collateral items such as business cards and thank you cards that would enhance her client experience.

We also worked with Lex to create welcome packets for each type of wedding - traditional, elopements, and destinations. These packets give her client’s information about the process, showcase photos, provide available add-ons, and instill trust through reviews. The packets also allow Lex to create custom packages and pricing for each client based on their needs and budget.


Early on, Lex expressed to us that she had a strong desire to travel and book more destination shoots. As we worked through the process and discussed her ideal clientele, we agreed on positioning her as a travel photographer in addition to a wedding photographer. This way she could still fulfill local requests, but begin to get more adventurous and free-spirited couples looking to do things a little different.

Lex has an easy time morphing back and forth between traditional and nontraditional. She lives for travel and love together, capturing pure moments and movement in the most wild places on Earth. But, she is also a sucker for the stillness and serenity of a traditional wedding.

Website Design & Development

When we first started digging into some of the business problems Lex was having, it became apparent that clients were getting in touch with her in a handful of different ways. The result was an inconsistent experience, and left potential gaps where inquiries may slip through the cracks because it was difficult for Lex to manage responding through email, Instagram, Facebook, text message, and her website.

To make this easier, we wanted the website to be the focal point of contact for new clients, in addition to being a perfect representation to Lex’s style and personality so interested couples could get the most accurate picture of who she is and who they might be working with. The result is a more seamless experience, where inquiries all come streamlined through the website, with a contact form that is already populated with the qualifying questions she uses for taking on new business.

Additionally, following her positioning, we added a complete page for travel that talks about Lex’s desire to do more of these types of shoots. The page includes a calendar of upcoming travels, past shoots, and dream spots for future clients to know where she’s going and hopes she might one day go. This will help let people know where she’ll be and when, so any website visitors who notice that they’ll be in the same area as Lex during one her travel dates can reach out and see if they can book a shoot while she’s there.


Since launching the new website alongside the newly positioned brand for Lex King Photography, Lex has seen an increase in inquiries for travel shoots, weddings, and engagements. On top of that, Lex has successfully raised her pricing to match a newly improved customer experience, where clients now receive a higher level of quality and are ensured more peace of mind for their big day. We continue to work with Lex to improve her processes and enhance the customer experience, so she can continue doing what she knows best, which is focusing on the couples she is working with and making sure she's capturing their love in the most pure and authentic way.



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