Have you ever stopped to consider the impact brands make on the world around us? I mean, look around, brands are the focal point in every single product or service we buy (or don’t buy).

And it’s not like this is a new phenomena… people have been branding for thousands of years, and for many reasons. Cattle and herds, family crests, money and coinage symbols, surnames, first names, etc.

A brand is just a way for people to communicate the authenticity and uniqueness of a good, service, or even a person.

Even more than that, brands are a way to communicate a story.

These stories are used to help people determine who they resonate with the most. Brands help cultivate groups of people with similar values, beliefs and styles – and this helps individuals find who they fit in with. People love being part of a like-minded group.

Brands that position themselves with a story that is spoken from the heart and is meaningful will ALWAYS spread faster than their generic counterparts. People recognize when something is genuine and stands for a bigger purpose than just another money-mongering business.

Real recognize real, right?

Symbols used by brands are the fastest and most effective way to spread a message. It truly is. What else in the world can communicate an entire story and feeling through a one second glance? There is nothing else like it, we promise.

If you successfully build a recognizable brand, you’re effectively tapping into more than just people’s thoughts… you’re tapping into their emotions.

That’s what we call “hitting them right in the feels.”

This is when people don’t even think twice about giving you their business. And they don’t feel bad about it either. They want to help support and spread the story as much as you do because they feel like it’s part of their story too.

It’s at this point people start telling others your story. There’s nothing like the power of word-of-mouth…spreading from person to person like a wildfire, sparked from a simple vision to see the world in a certain way.

People love this stuff. After all, as a social species, we’re all storytellers. Brands are just an amazing way of telling stories to others without having to really even say anything at all. It’s that powerful.

And that’s why we do this.

We want to see a better world, like most of us do, and by building brands and crafting stories for the right reasons, we’re making damn sure this world is a better place than it was before we entered it.

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